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( Brown and Black Belts:  Please note  TC/Destruction workshops are  Pre-requisite requirements to maximise your potential)

Sanda sparring  registration has dedicated application form –  click here
Taolu competition registration has dedicated application form – click here
Training / Coaching and Destruction workshops have dedicated application form –  click here
Regional (local) Gradings: Don’t require prior registration (for more grading info click here)

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You can also use this form to request additional courses - tick relevant box above with comment below - extra courses can be provided for additional demand NOTE: Can't see the course you are expecting? - Check it does not have it's own application form and criteria on a different page!
For Example: £10 deposit means grading fee is £30 so outstanding £20 Cash balance will be required on the day. ( Going for Black Belt ? £20 deposit, £40 outstanding cash balance required on the day. )