Training / Destruction Workshops

Training / Coaching workshop

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Sun. May 14th, Watford.
Training and Coaching workshop
@1-3 pm  @Dan Tien WD24 6NJ Watford  Entry Deadline now closed
Destruction techniques workshop @ 3-5 pm @Dan Tien WD24 6NJ Watford Entry open upto 1 Day before!

The workshops are open to all coloured belt members and a pre-requisite (Pre-Req) for Black Belt candidates, helping you improve your effectiveness  absorbing knowledge and skills.   E.g.  purposeful training or overcoming mental blocks.   San Shou Kuan does not see a Black Belt grading as the ‘finish post’, it is an entry point to enhancing your skills, self confidence, earning money and potentially a very rewarding opportunity to  ‘give something back’ – share your knowledge. 
“If you can’t explain it simply,  you don’t understand it well enough”  Albert Einstein.  

Contents: (Training/coaching Handouts given on the day;  please also read, print and bring FAQ notes emailed to you.)
1 week prior to course practical tips and ‘check lists’ for promoting and maintaining a successful class are emailed to you, please read IN ADVANCE so this can be very briefly discussed.  ( Covering many FAQ’s asked by new or potential instructors).

The bulk of the workshop will cover areas including:

  • ‘Purposeful training’, (S.M.A.R.T. ).
  • Appreciation  of ‘learning styles’ .
  • Awareness/relevance of Sport psychology.
  • Devising your own training programs toward a specific event or competition.
  • Various training and coaching tips enabling you to get maximum benefit from your classes.

Destruction Workshops

“Destruction is about breaking weaknesses not boards”
This is not a ‘Pre-Req’ requirement for your Black Belt grading –  your hands, your choice!
All destruction requirements  are predefined requirements,  for the rounded well prepared martial artist, an opportunity to pick up easy points; for others, the most raw pressure test – do you ‘back yourself’ (and your training) to chop a brick in half?!
SSKdestruction-workshop sskDestruction-workshop2  workshop graduate broke 3/3 first time
L/R: workshop refining techniques on pads; sidekick blocks, punching tiles (Jane workshop graduate: Successfully punched, chopped and kicked everything first time at her 1st and 2nd degree Black Belt gradings. )

Prior to our Destruction workshops the candidate’s who broke everything were infrequent,  since we have being running these workshops candidates not breaking everything are now uncommon!
The tests are exactly the same, success rates have massively improved, injuries are rare.
The workshop teaches you practical and mental techniques on conditioning, various approaches to destruction enabling you to identify and start refining a technique you can feel confident about.
WORKSHOPS REGISTRATION FORM (SMART training/Coaching  seminar Entry Deadline closed .
Destruction workshop open upto 1 Day prior to specified date)
See SSK Diary for next available courses

N.B. You will be sent notes 1 week before course, READ them and bring a copy, 1st part of workshop is questions based on these notes! The 2nd part you will be given hand outs which will be the bulk of course content.

Courses Required

Note: Participants are typically brown and Black belt level but anyone Orange Belt and over 15 years can attend. Appropriate level Non SSK members can apply and will allocated any spare places on demand.
Note: Students and instructors are always welcome to revise these courses but when workshops are over subscribed priority is given to those attending for the first time. ( We are planning a more advanced coaching course for experienced instructors)
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