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Q2/3: 2017.
1st Bethnal Green class Black Belt – Dita. BCCMA British Championships 1 Gold and 3 silver.  David elected on BCCMA governing body.  ID Intensive course for actors.    SSK Q2/3 2017

Q1: 2017.
Taolu and Sanda tournament results.  Knife Disarm workshops  with military instructor. recap of events. including intensive course in January. SSK Q1 2017 Newsletter

2016 Summary:
Annual awards, veteran 3rd Dan Gradings (emphasis on knife disarms and coaching pre-tests),  Sanda comps, recap of 2016
SSK 2016 Summary

Q2/3: 2016.

Sanda Fight Night6, SSK taolu/Sanda R2 results,  Coaching corner: Pete’s opening move – Awareness of ‘Learning Styles’ to improve your coaching skills.
Q2-Q3 2016 SSK newsletter

Q1: 2016.
New kickboxing class in Bethnal Green, Oxford class on TV, SSK revision day, GB Sanda Squad training and much more

Q3/Q4: 2015.
SSK inaugural Taolu (forms) Comp + Veteran’s Higher Degree Grading (PJ),
BCCMA British Sanshou Championships (Gold,Silver and 2 Bronze – Sohrab, John M, Nic C and Pierre)
13th World Wushu Championships.

Q1/Q2: 2015.
launch of kids syllabus and classes – other SSK news and events

2014 Summary: 1st and 2nd Degree Blacks, Jane and Shamiso. BCCMA Sanda success

Q3/4  2014 .   Sparring League Results – Congratulations Miguel and Elodie

Q2 2014.   Ann 1st Dan and Jane 2nd Dan  pass their respective gradings with new UK high scores
(Male + female)  Welcome Tanja  as new Membership Manager .

Q1 2014 Sparring league review and leaders board

2013 Annual review.
SSK AGM All women voted BB grading gender parity eg 2v1 for female brown belts which was unopposed.

2013:  First gradings based on revised syllabus , 100% success.

Senior Members Syllabus updates:
Pretests for white belts, take downs and ground escapes for Brown belts,
knife defence additions for Black Belts, Alternative grading pathway for senior Dans who can’t teach every week