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San Shou Kuan  have combined our Taolu (forms) and Sanda (Sparring) tournaments on the same day.
You can enter either competition or both at a discounted rate.

Gradings: IF you’re also grading today, see additional details :-  (click here for details)

– Please use the application form below to enter the San Shou Kuan Sanda competition

– Click here to enter the Taolu competition  AND Sanda competition

Date: Sunday October 7th 2018 .

Doors open @ 2:00 pm (Taolu CHECK IN deadline 2:15pm )

Sanda (sparring) competition @ 3.45pm
(Stage 2) of the Taolu/Sanda Tournament

Venue: Dan Tien Centre, Watford, WD24 6NJ
Travel:  Easy access from M1 Jnc. 5  and M25 Watford exits.
Underground: Watford Metropolitan Line – (best get mini cab or bus)
British Rail: Watford Junction – short walk away and your Oyster card is valid

Free car Park behind building and unrestricted parking on surrounding roads.
[travel times: Brent Cross to M1Jn.5  20mins; Euston to Watford Jnc. 15 mins]


(Sanda entrants, must be 18+ years – younger members will be touch contact  )

Sparring is with 16oz gloves, headguards and rib protectors – We match you with someone a similar level and size; The referee’s are proactive looking after your safety. ( Typically punching and kicking is allowed to head, body and legs – and in some instances by prior consent Sanda style takedowns are allowed  on a suitable matted floor area )

free sparring 3Our goal is simply to give developing martial artists an opportunity to gain valuable sparring experience and share knowledge.  Ideal preparation for national gradings, full contact freestyle kickboxing / Thai boxing / Sanda / Sanshou / MMA competitions.

Judges comprise of  instructors from any style present on the day. All fighters will have to help act as ‘corner-men/women’ for others fighters, (typically shadowing experienced corner-men). Sparring is done in a friendly open atmosphere for students of martial arts.

In just 3 years, graduates of the league are picking up National Titles in BCCMA sanctioned competitions and events. 

click here for video of recent sparring SSK league event

Personal Information

(Note: Sanda entrants weighed at event)
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Experience / Other Information

Failure to select your grade if grading means we might be unable to guarantee suitable partner for fixed sparring! Note: If grading today, you need SSK uniform and signed grading form by your instructor. Sanda entrants can wear shorts and T shirt or SSK uniform

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