Taolu (forms) Competition

(“Forms or taolu (Chinese: 套路; pinyin: tàolù) in Chinese are a series of predetermined movements combined so they can be practised as a continuous set of movements.” )

Welcome to the SSK British Taolu (and Sanda) Tournament


Please fill in the application form below and we look forward to seeing you there. 

Taolu entrants must be part of a team of 3.

SUMMARY OF CATEGORIES: (Everyone will perform their chosen form(s) 3 times)
Eg A Novice will do Luo-Harn Ch’ao x 3 times, their final mark = combined score of all 3 attempts;
or a 6th grader, could do Luo-Harn Ch’ao and chose Ch’ang Ch’uen 2,  then repeat their better form to achieve best score based on 3 attempts.

Novice: x 1 form ;  Luo-Harn Ch’ao. Repeated 3 times (or half of form for children).
Beginner: (7th + 6th grade)  x 2 forms;  Luo-Harn Ch’ao  and  select   Ch’ang Ch’uen 1  or Ch’ang Ch’uen 2.
Intermediate: (5th, 4th, 3rd grade) x 3 forms;  Luo-Harn Ch’ao  and  Ch’ang Ch’uen 2,  and select
Ch’ang Ch’uen 3  or  Ch’ang Ch’uen 4 or  Ch’ang Ch’uen 5. (If grading today, your form twice and CC2 )
Advanced:  (2nd, 1st grade, 1st Dan) x 3 forms; Luo-Harn Ch’ao  or   Ch’ang Ch’uen 2 plus 2 from:-

Ch’ang Ch’uen 4  /   Ch’ang Ch’uen 6  / Tsu P’ing Ch’uen /  Tuan San / Chiu Chou Kuern (stick).
Master:  (2nd Dan upto  6th Degree Black Belt) select 3 from:-

Tuan San,  Chiu Chou Kuern (stick),  Shao Lin Ch’uen,  Fei Loong Ch’uen,  Chin Karn Ch’uen,  Sanjiegun (3 section staff).

Taolu entrants grading on later date, get 1 competition bonus point for doing form required for their next grading
( I.e.  Using competition as good grading preparation and feedback opportunity ).

Date: Sunday September 17th 2017 . Doors open @ 2:30pm (Taolu CHECK IN deadline 2:55pm )
The Dan Tien Centre, Harebreaks, N. Watford  WD24 6NJ

British Rail: Watford Junction
– short walk away and your Oyster card is valid
Underground: Watford (Met. Line)
Free car Park
behind building and unrestricted parking on surrounding roads.
[travel times: Brent Cross to M1Jn.5  20mins; Euston to Watford Jnc. 15 mins]

Gradings: IF you’re also grading today, you will do grading form twice (best mark counts) and revise a previous form as per application form below. Candidates grading ONLY simply do their form as per standard gradings  (click here for more details)

 If You are only doing Sanda event ?  – Click here to only enter the Sanda tournament

Prices:   Taolu only £10 each Grading AND Taolu £20 Grading only £15, Sanda only £15, Doing all 3, £20

SSK Taolu Team Application form

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IF grading today, tick 2 boxes: your grading form AND "Grading today" box.
IF grading today, tick 2 boxes: your grading form AND "Grading today" box.

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NOTE: Sanda only competitors: (You can skip all this and use other form ! see link at top of this page) Taolu competitors / Grading Candidates: Bring SSK uniform and IF GRADING instructor signed grading form also. Good Luck. (Still here after clicking on SUBMIT?! Check for errors messages on application entry above)