Traditional Kickboxing Classes


San Shou Kuan takes its inspiration from Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.  The back bone to San Shou Kuan are our traditional classes.  These combine 2 x 1 hour sessions with the prime objective of the class being to develop the students self confidence, fitness and practical skill set as that they master the basic movements, based upon a solid Martial Art coaching foundation by Black Belt instructors.

Each class begins and ends with a bow.  The first hour involves a comprehensive warm up, followed by a section of progressive stretching then drill* in the fundamental techniques.  These techniques include kicking, punching, stances, blocking and self defence applications.   The techniques are performed by the whole class with the movements becoming more demanding.  In addition to these core basics each class incorporates a bespoke module of techniques,  eg jab cross combinations on pads, hooks, uppercuts, kicks to legs, countering kicks to legs etc  Enabling each class to stretch you in a different area from the previous section.

In the second hour, the students will also go through the forms (patterns) and progressive grading syllabus that lead to promotion through the coloured belts syllabus developing your skills, physical and mental ability towards taking and passing your Black Belt grading.  Students are encouraged to take part in free sparring which is their chance to start applying what they learn and is a requirement of senior coloured belts preparing you for your Black Belt which does require free sparring.  Can you call yourself a swimmer if you never get in the water?

Almost all kickboxing students train for both hours, however if you have limited time, you can train for just one hour.

Those wishing to take part in sanctioned fighting tournaments there are specialist conditioning and sparring skills competition classes taken only by the Senior Instructors who have full contact fighting and coaching experience.  Traditional classes are beneficial supplement who fighting classes and vice versa.

For the younger members there are specially designed classes, which do not involve sparring just helping children get a headstart in life both physically like a good children’s gym class should do and also mentally as we use positive affirmation to develop their self confidence within a friendly balanced environment.   (All instructors are CRB registered)


*Drill – whole class doing basics in lines and rows.
FAQ  Why do traditional kickboxing classes do basics in lines and rows  of people? This is a very simple way for the instructor to spot incorrect technique, slow uncoordinated movements, poor flexibility and a proven method for building up muscle memory.  If the entire session was only individual exercises or random padwork with a fellow student,  you might spend months developing a habitual bad technique unnoticed.   In a fitness class using punching and kicking exercises this might not matter as even bad technique is exercise and burning calories.  In a martial arts class, these movements have a practical function I.e.  wanting to strike with power not just flick with speed,   be ‘hard to read’ or not open to counter attack by your sparring opponent  – eg lifting your elbow before throwing/’flicking’ your punch.  

“Fighting Fit” has a practical application to life and fitness is just one great supplementary benefit – don’t sell yourself short, develop the mental concentration, awareness, self confidence and self defence skills.

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