Future Events 

Future Events

Welcome to our Future Event Page.  In this section you will see all the major types of events that our members are able to participate.  Confirmed events are posted in the SSK Diary and members are invited to participate in these with guidance from their instructors and notifications via email and newsletters. 


For many students and members progressing through the grades towards the prestige Black Belt is their main objective.   In San Shou Kuan we host at least four rounds of Regional gradings at locations close to where you train each year for our lower graded students.   Our main traditional classes prime focus is to develop students to achieve their best performances at these Regional Gradings.  From other parts of this site you will see that our grading structure encompasses: traditional forms; fixed sparring techniques (self-defence) and free sparring. 

Sanda Squad Training

As active members of the British Chinese Council of Martial Arts (BCCMA) we actively take part in the National Sanda Squad training sessions that occur monthly Haywards Heath.   These training sessions are open to all San Shou Kuan members and BCCMA members (by invitation and are led by the National Sanda Coaches.   Sanda ( Sanshou ) is the formal term to describe Chinese Kickboxing.   At these monthly events you train with the National San’Da squad to learn from some of the best Sanda competitors.  This may sound intimidating but that is far from the truth; you will train with passionate, encouraging enthusiasts who want to help promote the sport of Sanda.  (San Shou Kuan also run dedicated weekly Sanda Sparring classes in Watford)


Throughout the course of the year there are numerous competitions available.  In San Shou Kuan we endeavor to host at least one Taolu (forms) competition together with our own Sanda interclub event.   Our Sanda events are a good spring board for those students wishing to compete at National levels.  These are exclusive to our organisation and are a great way to experience competitive sparring in a friendly and collegiate manner.   

There are several National Competitions that members can enter, these include:  National Sanda (full contact kickboxing); National Qingda (Light contact sparring); National Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling); Tui Shou (Pushing hands / Push hand);  National Veterans Qingda and Junior Qingda. (SSK has won medals in all these categories)   Further there are semi Professional / Professional Fight Nights, and International Competitions.   

Every two years the Eurpean Wushu Federation hosts the European Championships; in parallel each of the other continental governing bodies hold their own Championships.  The following year is the World Championships hosted by the International Wushu Federation.  (There is an abundance of coverage of these events online.)  

Intensive Courses

 As often as twice a year we offer week long intensive courses in conjunction with ID Combat who train actors in the art of theatrical and cinematic fighting.  ( Stage combat ) A lot of these actors use their San Shou Kuan qualifications as progression towards stunt qualifications.  These intensive course are predominently aimed at novice martial artists but we also use these as an opportunity for our other students to training for prolonged periods to develop and refine their skills.

Professional Development Courses

Throughout the year there are numerous opportunities to attend seminars, training courses and coaching events (in person and on-line).  These cover all aspects of being a professional martial arts coach and instructor.  They cover aspects as diverse as first aid and sports psychology; webinars on the protection of children and the vulnerable.   There is the National Three Level Coaching qualification; Judging and Referee qualifications and a host of other events.  They are held throughout the country and are great way of meeting likeminded martial artists.  (examples below)
Safeguarding for Martial Arts Coaches
Level 2 Coaching Course
CIMPSA Coaching courses
Level 3 Course Nutrition
Level 3 Course Biomechanics Sports Injuries
Level 3 Course Sports Psychology
Level 3 Physical Conditioning
First Aid 1 day  certificate course
Sanda / Wushu / Shuai Jiao / Tai Chi Judging Courses