As San Shou Kuan approaches the start of its tenth year it seems appropriate to reflect and say thank you to those original founding members that helped SSK grow and evolve.   Individually we are only calling out the Black Belts and First Graders as there are too many but we genuinely appreciate the help of all our members.  Also we cannot but appreciate the help we received from other martial arts organisations in particular Zhuan Jiao Kuan, Zhuan Shu Kuan, Sanda UK, and the GB Sanda Squad.  Thank you each and everyone.

When San Shou Kuan started Pete and Dave were delighted that so many of their Black Belts and Student were enthused and committed to help create a new organisation.   Initially there were a limited number of Black Belts and just four classes in London Bridge and Watford.   Today we have classes across the Home Counties, London and North Wales; classes in Denmark with and representation in France, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Lituania, S. America, USA with members joining the weekly online classes.

Our approach from the outset has been to work hard implementing what is useful and stripping outdated and unsafe practices.  We have refocused on coaching so that novices develop good training habits.  In addition to traditional and sparring class formats we have included children’s classes from age five upwards.   These children classes  use martial arts based ‘games to develop the children’s self confidence, focus and physical skills ultimately producing a phenomenal new members joining our adult classes.

Another aspect of our approach is that respect our students cross training with other martial arts styles – some of our instructor teach other styles.  We do not see this as negative but as opportunities to broaden and strengthen our foundations.   We have proactively invited Special Guest Instructors from other martial arts and fighting methods to our internal workshops ranging from Special forces unarmed combat instructors,  Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling) Grandmasters adding to our self-defence skills and deeping our understanding and implementation of throws hidden with our Long Fist Forms that are the back bone of our teaching approach.

We have embraced competitions; as there present a great platform for our organisation’s development.  We run our own internatal competitions and enter National tournaments.   At this stage we are more loses than wins but nothing is a loss when you learn!   Currently we have won over 30 National Medals and British Titles, in full contact Sanda, light contact Qinda in Adult, Youth,  Veteran and even Junior divisions.  We have even a Pro-Am International Sanda competition.  One of members even won a Gold in a National Tai Chi comp!

Our CPD Programme (Continuous Professional Development) provides fantastic opportunities for our membership to attend external courses in Nutrition, Sports Psychology,  Injury Rehab, Fitness Assessments leading nationally recognised coaching  qualifications and even International Judging qualifications.

That is enough of a review of the formation of San Shou Kuan we are delighted to recognise and thank the following Founder Members:


Masood Nourshargh 5th Degree Black Belt

Rosa Alvarado 3rd Degree Black Belt

Nic Cumming 3rd Degree Black Belt

Maani Hessabi 3rd Degree Black Belt

Paul Jacobs 3rd Degree Black Belt

Dion Bowes 3rd Degree Black Belt 

Jon Elam 2nd Degree Black Belt

Jon Alagoa 2nd Degree Black Belt 

Jane Anderson 2nd Degree Black Belt

Shamiso Mushambi  2nd Degree Black Belt

Chris Dodds 2nd Degree Black Belt

Binesh  Shah 2nd Degree Black Belt

John Machell 2nd Degree Black Belt

Kevin Harris 2nd Degree Black Belt


Aaron Canolas 1st Degree Black Belt

Gabby Paintin 1st Degree Black Belt

Richard White 1st Degree Black Belt

Vic Millington 1st Degree Black Belt

Hugh Clarke 1st Degree Black 

Austin Gilman 1st Degree Black Belt

Pierre Cochart 1st Degree Black Belt

Anne Nielson 1st Degree Black Belt

Michael Dixon 1st Degree Black Belt

Steve Lenton 1st Degree Black Belt

Sohrab Kavir 1st Degree Black Belt

Tommy Fodor 1st Degree Black Belt

Ravi Bhadhal 1st Degree Black Belt

Wai Wong 1st Degree Black Belt

Dr Ada Paintin 1st Degree Black Belt

Ed Frosztega 1st Degree Black Belt

Adam Hawkins 1st Degree Black Belt

Simon Hoaran 1st Degree Black

Dita Tantang 1st Degree Black Belt

Simon Chong 1st Grade Brown Belt

Marine Lantrain 1st Grade Brown Belt

Elodie Peboscq 3rd Grade Orange Belt