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Benefits of joining San Shou Kuan

Upon becoming a member of San Shou Kuan you have access to our classes; you are eligible to take part in our training and development events and courses; our competitions and San Shou Kuan grading syllabus. (White Belt upto Black Belt).  You also get discounts on  BCCMA courses (UK National Governing Body)  on topics like, Nutrition, Sports Pyschology, Injury Rehab, Fitness Assessments,  and NGB coaching qualifications, and IWF recognised judging qualification.  San Shou Kuan membership will give you access to our members portal where you can access numerous training guides and tutorials that will assist you with your development.    There are online classes available should remote training be a neccessity; there are regular grading assessments; an active social scene and well organised competitions. 

 Through your membership you also become a member of the British Chinese Council of Martial Arts (BCCMA) the National governing body ( NGB ) for Chinese martial arts ( CMA ) in the UK.   It is through this organisation that acquire the additional benefits of a National Organisation that is dedicated to the promotion of Chinese martial arts.   Further, via the BCCMA you become a member of the European Wushu Federation ( EWF ) and the International Wushu Federation ( IWF ).  It is via this strucutre the San Shou Kuan is able to have students competing in National, Continental and World Championships.  The IWF is part of the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and continues to promote San’Da, the fighting element of Wushu, with the aim of getting San’Da back to being an Olympic sport.      

 A very important benefit of membership of San Shou Kuan is your insurance.  We cannot stress enough the importance of being insured when participating in any form of contact sport.  Whilst all of our instructors are insured, qualified in first aid and vetted to work with vulnerable persons ( DBS ) it is imperative that you, the participant is also insured.  The main benefit to you is not any compensation that you may receive through an injury but protection  in case someone considers legal action against you.   This is an unfortunate necesity in this day and age.
This BCCMA membership through SSK is maintained for all members whilst their instructor reports them as training  in SSK classes listed on our website.

We are sure that when you become a member of San Shou Kuan you will find the benefits numerous, the training and instruction of the highest caliber, the opportunities countless.         ( For more information  see our FAQ page  for training benefits and  How Much page for pricing )  

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Your Martial Arts licence (incl. insurance) with Governing body is included in your membership fee.







  Your Martial Arts licence (incl. insurance) with Governing body is included in your membership fee.

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