Members Page

SSK Members: here you should all the information you need to get the best out of your training and membership.


This section is aimed specifically at you our members; those of you that are active and training regularly will find nearly everything you need to know about how to get the best out of your membership.     Here you will find:

    • All the paperwork you should ever need; overviews of the training syllabus; summaries of the competition rules and events; how to access virtual  training and training opportunities outside of SSK.
    • Under this Members Section you will find our records pages.  This includes our: Roll of Honour; this details  all those individuals that have successfully attained the Duan Grades (Black Belt Dan Grades) through the SSK system; our recognition page for our Founding Members those that helped initiate SSK at the very beginning; our Annual Award Winners.
    • The last main category here includes:  our latest price list and how to order uniforms and equipment; an overview of our operational decisions log and then finally how to contact our Admin Team.

As these pages are aimed at you our members please do inform us of anything you would like to see included; we will consider all requests and respond accordingly.