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Q1 2017 Taolu and Sanda tournament results.  Knife Disarm workshops  with military instructor. recap of events. including intensive course in January.
SSK Q1 2017 Newsletter

2016 Summary Annual awards, veteran 3rd Dan Gradings,  Sanda comps, recap of 2016
SSK 2016 Summary

Q2/3 2016  Sanda Fight Night6, SSK taolu/Sanda R2 results,  Coaching corner:  Awareness of ‘Learning Styles’.
Q2-Q3 2016 SSK newsletter

Q1 2016  New kickboxing class in Bethnal Green, Oxford class on TV, SSK revision day, GB Sanda Squad

Q3/Q4 2015  SSK inaugural Taolu (forms) Comp. Veteran’s Higher Degree Grading
BCCMA British Sanshou Championships (Gold,Silver and 2 Bronze) 13th World Wushu Championships.

Q1/Q2 2015 Launch of kids syllabus and classes – other SSK news and events

2014 Summary 1st and 2nd Degree Blacks, Jane and Shamiso. BCCMA Sanda success

Q3/4  2014   Sparring League Results – Congratulations Miguel and Elodie

Q2 2014.   Ann 1st Dan and Jane 2nd Dan  pass their respective gradings with new UK high scores
(Male + female)  Welcome Tanja  as new Membership Manager .

Q1 2014 Sparring league review and leaders board

2013 Annual review
SSK AGM All women voted BB grading gender parity eg 2v1 for female brown belts which was unopposed.

2013  First gradings based on revised syllabus , 100% success.

Senior Members Syllabus updates:  Pretests for white belts, take downs and ground escapes for Brown belts,
Alternative grading pathway for senior Dans who can’t teach every week

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