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The Primary objective of San Shou Kuan’s approach to martial arts is to train students to master effective self defence whilst improving fitness.  From this, the student gains confidence in their personal abilities as a martial artist. San Shou Kuan is a practical martial art based around its members to help them strive for self improvement. The style uses both coaching of individuals together with class based tuition.

“Martial Arts by Martial Artists for aspiring Martial Artists ! – No Politics, No Egos” .

San Shou Kuan translates as Chinese Kickboxing School and classes are taught all over the country. San Shou Kuan is not a new style but an amalgam of the very best of traditional Northern Long Fist (Ch’arng Ch’uen) Shaolin Kungfu with the  best aspects of Western Kickboxing. This makes San Shou Kuan predominantly a combative striking art that teaches the student explosive kicking, powerful punching techniques (Punch, chop, elbow, knee and kicks) and takedowns used in Sanda.

Traditional Syllabus towards Black Belt

Through its traditional grading syllabus we instill mastery of techniques and train students to ‘deal’ with real life self defence situations. We aim to educate our students in all aspects of self defence, encompassing punches, kicks, knees, elbows, open hand strikes, takedowns, throwing, ground work, locks and escapes.  Weapons are taught to students at later stages  (knife, staff, sword and 3 section staff sparring / self defence)

San Shou Kuan uses the graded structure so students can monitor their progress,  enabling them to learn progressively, in a controlled manner. This graded structure, combined with an innovative competitive framework is seen as a positive enabler to motivate students to excel and ensure age is not  a barrier for experienced people with coaching skills.

Children’s kickboxing syllabus

Caters for children with a unique class structure for 5 to 10 year olds’, incorporating an element of ‘fun’ whilst developing:-
Physical Skills: Coordination, fitness, control and self- defence.
Social Skills: Confidence, respect, discipline and team work.
Life Skills: Personal development and ‘stranger danger’ awareness.

Our syllabus ensures your child’s continuous development throughout the year which eventually extends into adults classes.  (Children also have ‘passports’ which are stamped every week so you can monitor their progress).

Adult classes
Can also take children from 11 years upwards  (with many classes having students well past 50); all aim to teach mastery of the basics. Each class includes: warm up, stretching, drills, grading syllabus requirements and  optional free sparring. Classes range from 45 minutes for the under 11 through to over two hours. (Longer sessions allow more time to focus on accurate technique and not just fitness based training)

Sanda / QingDa (full contact and light contact sparring)

In addition to the above classes there are also specialist classes for those wanting to fight in tournaments and competition. (Novice, Local, National, European and World Title Fights – Google Sanda or Sanshou).
Typically members start with traditional and then elect to compete to ‘test their mettle’ . (This is still a small percentage of members based on age, attitude etc; Others solely join SSK for Sanda sessions, but eventually these members also elect to do traditional sessions as a conditioning and flexibility supplement to their sparring skills).  Sanda with it’s combination of strikes and explosive takes downs makes it an ideal complement to those training in MMA.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

San Shou Kuan also offers varied seminars, (coaching skills, sports science basics, class marketing…) self-defence courses, revision and conversion courses*, subsidised attendance on external courses E.g. NSPCC Safeguarding and Protecting Children,  First Aid courses,  BCCMA  coaching courses,  social events and even organisational positions within SSK.
(Close Protection/Bodyguard work [SIA CP licence required] can potentially be accessed through some of our senior Black Belts who work in that industry)   – All of these are opportunities are available to members to become further involved with San Shou Kuan.
* Occasionally we are approached by instructors from other styles, as there are many areas that overlap – we do allow our instructors to teach other styles within guidelines and any initial approaches will be confidential if requested.

“To lead people, walk beside them …
As for the best leaders, the people do not notice their existence.
The next best, the people honour and praise.
The next, the people fear; and the next, the people hate …
When the best leader’s work is done the people say,
We did it ourselves!” ― Lao Tzu

Through our affiliation to the British Council of Chinese Martial Arts, the European WuShu Federation and the International WuShu Federation, San Shou Kuan members can compete at local, National, European and World levels.

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