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Peter Kennedy (San Shou Kuan co-founder) is a 6th Degree Black Belt, Chair of Tokei Martial Arts,one of the longest established martial arts centres in the UK.   During the 1980/90s he competed in Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing and knock-down Karate at National levels; he also holds boxing coaching qualifications.  Having been actively involved in martial arts for the best part of 50 years, and teaching it since 1981, Pete is as passionate and enthusiastic now as he was 40 years ago.

David Nicholls (San Shou Kuan co-founder) is a 6th Degree Black Belt and a highly experienced instructor with over 35 years of teaching experience, a plenitude of coaching qualifications and a Masters degree in Sports and Exercise Science (MSc. SES).  As s former full contact fighter, David has a unique perspective as an instructor bringing together traditional martial arts experience and academic knowledge to the science of martial arts. During his early training he spent months in Thai Boxing camps in Thailand and trained in UK boxing clubs . He has taught a number of adult full (Sanda) and Light (QIngda) Contact kickboxing National champions  and an increasing team of Junior and Youth Medalists and National champions.

David  also teaches intensive martial arts courses to professional actors, solidifying their skills for building their stage and action combat skills.   He is still a keen student of martial arts, always looking to absorb what is useful from other styles. 

He is also the Director of Competitions on the Executive Board of the British Council of Chinese Martial Arts – BCMMA – the Official UK Governing body of Chinese Martial Arts.

Phil Hames  5th Degree Black Belt.    

Phil is a super fit and extremely agile martial artist reaching his 5th degree whilst he was still in his 30s.
Over this time he’s tutored many students to Black Belt and assisted others to reach higher degrees.

He prides himself on being accurate and precise with his forms and is passionate about helping others to be the best they can be.

Currently a CIMSPA Level 2 Gym Instructor, studying for his CIMSPA Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training and AfN Certified Level 3 Nutrition, plus his senior Level 3 BCCMA Martial Arts coaching qualifications.

Phil is currently looking for a new venue for teaching classes in the Surrey area.


Jake Fitzpatrick (Chief Instructor in Wales) 5th Degree Black Belt.  Jake is another of our highly experienced instructors with over 30 years of teaching in North Wales.   He has taught more than fifty students to black belt and higher.   Locally he is referred to as the Master of Destruction;  you can see him online destroying three bricks with a mighty chop; punching through tiles and any other material that comes to hand.   His classes around the Bangor area thrive through his enthusiasm and commitment.


Rosa C Alvarado is a 3rd degree Senior Black Belt, who has been practising and teaching martial arts for over 15 years.   An energetic enthusiastic member (who also manages to balance this role with being a mum).   Rosa is particular about refining techniques and developing people to the best of their abilities.

Nicholas Cumming 3rd degree Black Belt.  BCCMA British Sanda and Qingda Veteran Finalist. He was the principle Instructor in Qatar running classes for 3 years. He is now a head of department teacher in a large school and one of San Shou Kuan’s Child Protection Officers (CPO) who can be contacted directly by any parent who might have any concerns or questions.  Nic, is a BCCMA Level 2 qualified coach, (currently studying for Level 3 martial arts coach  – BCCMA).
He is also very active helping teach our Little Dragons ( kickboxing for 5-10 year olds).

Paul Jacobs 3rd degree Black Belt.  Currently retired from running his own classes but still here to help teach and train the next generation,  Apart from being an excellent instructor he has Judged, Referreed and provide many support roles in local and National BCCMA kickboxing competitions.

Maani Hessabi   3rd degree Black Belt.   Maani is still an active member teaching and training every week with the classes in the Home Counties.  Whilst he no longer runs his own class is he is a very active Senior Instructor.  You will undoubtedly see Maani officating at BCCMA National Competitions; San Shou Kuan Gradings and competing in Taolu events.  

Elena Fitzpatrick   3rd degree Black Belt.   Elena is our Deputy Chief Instructor in Wales in support of her husband Jake.  Elena and Jake are also assisted by their two adult children both 1st Degree Black Belts.   This instructing team are based near Bangor in North Wales with their main class in Tregarth and their dojo in Bethesda.  We have already mentioned Jake’s powers of destruction; Elena gives Jake a good run for his money in this department; a great martial arts familiy teaching and training in North Wales.

Kevin Anjo Harris 2nd degree Black Belt.  

A lifelong love of martial arts – the books, the art, the philosophy, the movies and, of course, the incomparable Bruce Lee.    Following the ‘Way’ or ‘Spirit’ of martial arts has provided both a momentum and motivation to embrace the inevitable changes life presents us with.

Introduced to Judo as a young child, Kevin then trained in several well-established styles … Shotokan Karate, Lau Gar Kung Fu and Tai Chi – and also the associated traditions of Mindfulness & Meditation, Chi Kung and energy-work.

Kevin competed in full contact kickboxing, he achieved his Wu Shu Kwan Black Belt over 30 years ago where he trained and taught classes for adult and children for many years (including a successful class at the University Of Cambridge) and more recently, San Shou Kuan (the founding of which Kevin was involved in).   Kevin is also:

  • a Meditation and Mindfulness teacher (www.momentumspirit.com);   a qualified Reiki practitioner;
  • a Rugby Football Union (RFU) Level 1 qualified Coach;
  • and has over 10 years professional experience, in both health and sports nutrition supplements

Jonathan Alagoa is a 2nd degree Black Belt in San Shou Kuan who teaches at the Tokei Centre.   He started training at the age of 8, studying Southern Mantis kung-fu with his elder brother for 2 years. At the age of 19, he started training in Chinese Kickboxing while at Queen Mary University of London, attaining black belt in February 2007 and 2nd Degree Black Belt in December 2013. While training for his 1st degree, he started Taekwondo in order to get extra practice and attained a black belt in that discipline in June 2012. (now a 3rd Dan in Taekwondo)  He has been running the LCTKD Taekwondo club in Chinatown since October 2013. He is also a professional actor with an advanced level of stage combat, and has been involved in various projects involving martial arts.

Jane Anderson 2nd degree Black Belt.  Came top (men and women) at a large WSK National Black Grading  and for over 5 years has successfully taught several different classes in and around the Watford area.  Impressively she then repeated the success of her Black Belt grading and came top (men and women) taking her SSK 2nd Degree Black Belt.  Jane has a great reputation for being exceptionally modest and one of the most approachable instructors with a very sharp eye for detail and exceptionally powerful punching and kicking ability.

 John Machell 2nd Degree Black Belt.  2017 BCCMA British U75k Sanda Champion; 2018 BCCMA British 75k Qingda Champion. Twice the San Shou Kuan National Champion 2017& 2018.  Currently training and teaching from Denmark John is an active Sanda (full contact kickboxing with throwing) fighter He passed his Black Belt whilst still a teenager* under David Nicholls approx 15 years ago.  John is a BCCMA Level 2 qualified martial arts coach, working towards Level 3.
(*Teenager sparring in Adult Black Belt grading – San Shou Kuan doesn’t offer ‘junior’ Black Belts.  All BB’s must pass: forms, sparring and destruction tests to earn their Black Belt. )

Binesh Shah 2nd degree Black Belt, has over 25 years’ experience in martial arts, gained his black belt in 1999. Used to teach in the Sobell Leisure Centre, Holloway (north London). Now training in Watford with David. Main strength is his boxing ability.   Enjoys teaching and learning the skills of San Shou Kuan.

Shamiso Mushambi is a 2nd degree Black Belt, who has been practising and teaching for over 10 years. An enthusiastic and friendly instructor, she is an inspirational instructor interested in helping develop confident and well-rounded martial arts students.  She has a reputation of being the comedian in class and if you are interested in the comedy circuits you would understand why!

Chris Dodds 2nd degree Black Belt, Ed Frosztega 1st Degree Black Belt.   An experienced female and male team of instructors based in London Bridge,  who have been practising and teaching martial arts for many years.   Together these instructors form a teaching team, with a loyal following of male and female students.

Gethin Williams
Gethin, 2nd Degree Black Belt. has been training in Chinese kickboxing almost 20 years and lives with his partner and daughter. Currently teachig a class in North Wales and working on his BCCMA ( British Council of Chinese Martial Arts – UK Governing body) Level 2 / 3 Coaching qualifications.  We’re hoping he will be leading a small Welsh Squad of fighters entering some National Sparring competitions this year.

Gabriel (Gabby) Paintin 1st degree Black Belt,  teaches the class in Chelmsford assisted by his wife and Ada 1st Degree Black Belt.  Dr Ada is our medical adviser and oversees all medical matters at our SSK gradings and competitions.   Gabby has been running the class in Chelmsford for many years. Gabby a former sprinter now senior planning engineer, is exceedingly agile and athletic Black Belt and a very brave man as he also teaches his Black Belt wife. Gabby and Ada are both SSK 2016 Taolu National champions.

Ryan Williams is a 1st Degree Black Belt,  he has studied Chinese kickboxing  for approx 15 years. He also has trained in Aikido and has fused them in his techniques. He is a qualified teacher and he uses his teaching skills in his dojo.  He has recently returned from China where he was teaching and training.  His classes are mixed; one week traditional and the following week pad work.  Ryan, is also currently studying to be a BCCMA Level 3 martial arts coach.

Pierre Cochart  1st degree Black Belt, he started Judo at the age of 6 and then expanded into gymnastics, ultimately coaching several teams, including a competition squad.  A BCCMA Sanda Nationals medalist himself, Pierre has many years of experience in multiple disciplines of martial arts. He brings his unique blend of knowledge and energy to his classes, setting various ‘games’ and exercises to help his students have fun while improving their technique and agility.  Pierre, is also currently studying to be a BCCMA Level 3 martial arts coach.

Ronin Traynor, 1st degree Black Belt, who assist on the Intensive courses.  Ronin is also a professional fight director and action coordinator and a certified teacher with the British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat, a fencing coach with The British Academy of Fencing and Academie d’Armes Internationale; Director of Independent Drama which provides fight choreography, actor training and combat casting services to drama schools, theatre groups and the film and theatre industry.  He has directed fights for over 350 productions including film, TV, musicals, opera, motion capture and numerous theatre shows in the UK and overseas.

Lee Williams

Lee 1st degree Black Belt, will be running a new class with Gethin.   Lee started Chinese Kickboxing training in Wales in 2007,  went to John Moores University Liverpool to study sport coaching and got his Black Belt in 2013.   

Currently training towards his BCCMA  ( British Council of Chinese Martial Arts – UK Governing body)  Level 2  Coaching qualifications before starting his Senior Duan Black Belt qualification exams and training.   

Matthew Bithell
Matt has been training in Chinese Kickboxing for over 12 years. A coach of Bethesda Athletic under 8’s football team and a Black belt parent of 2 children who also train in San Shou Kuan. Currently training towards his senior Duan Black Belt and working on his BCCMA ( British Council of Chinese Martial Arts – UK Governing body) Level 2 / 3 Coaching qualifications.
Teaching with Jo, Matt is starting the new San Shou Kuan Little Dragons class in Wales which helps 5-10 year olds get a head starting on their martial arts training as they develop confidence, concentration and coordination.

 Leah Roberts

Leah, 1st degree black belt has been training for 7 years. She is a enthusiastic and energetic martial artist.  Leah loves trekking in the mountains of North Wales and paddle boarding in her spare time.  She currently works with  Mathew Bithell, teaching the North Wales Little Dragons class.       #kidskickboxing   #littledragons    #Welshsport

Joseph Hinchliffe
Jo has been training four years, currently training towards his Black Belt and has 2 children who also train in San Shou Kuan. He has had a long career of youth work but now writes for a range of magazines about STEM education, (integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Due to his extensive youth work career Jo is already working on his BCCMA ( British Council of Chinese Martial Arts – UK Governing body) Level 2 / 3 Coaching qualifications, having complete relevant Safeguarding courses.
Working with Matt, Jo is starting the new San Shou Kuan Little Dragons class in Wales which helps 5-10 year olds get a head starting on their martial arts training as they develop confidence, concentration and coordination in a friendly fun class.  
       All Jo’s  great work behind the scenes and helping teach was recognised in the  2022  ‘Outstanding contribution and Extra Mile’ Annual Award. 

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