Regional Grading Requirements:

San Shou Kuan  regional gradings are held quarterly. (typically around March*, June, Sep* and Dec click here for grading dates
– if you miss London gradings typically the Hertfordshire grading is  2 weeks later)

*Taolu and Sanda competitions are held twice a year in  March and September,  in this instance local gradings are incorporated into these competitions, giving you a chance to grade in a small ‘competition environment’.

As per standard gradings, remember to bring:  
1.  Your San Shou Kuan uniform.
2.  A grading application form, signed by your instructor (min. 16 hours training prior to grading).
3.  £15 grading fee to event (if you are only doing the grading).
TIP: Get their early and practice your form (in same orientation as the grading. I.e. practice facing the examiner’s table).

Grading requirements are:-

Perform your:

(i) Form

(ii) Fixed sparring – max. of 3 attempts at each

(iii) Free sparring for blue belts and above.

( if you are asked to repeat anything,  you will drop a mark as per standard grading * )

 * If you enter the competition(s)  we will use your best mark from multiple attempts as your grading result.

Eg An 8th grader will do Luo-Harn Ch’ao x 3 times, their Taolu final mark = combined score of all 3 attempts; and best mark will count towards grading result.
a 6th grader, would do Luo-Harn Ch’ao and chose Ch’ang Ch’uen 2, and repeat one for their Taolu final mark = combined score of all 3 attempts; if they repeated CC2 their best CC2 mark will count towards grading result.

Fixed Sparring:
After performing forms have finished, the grading candidates only will be examined on their fixed sparring
– whilst the Taolu results are being processed.

Free Sparring:
Blue Belts and above will then do one round of free sparring to complete their grading. (standard rules, no take downs allowed)
All rounds are 2 minutes long excluding (rarely seen) male v female which are 1 min 30 seconds.
Grading Assessment criteria:
Protect yourself at all times,  Show good technique and control; If you are the bigger, stronger, faster sparring partner,  you must protect your partner showing full control – no one needs to get hurt to pass a grading. Listen to the Ref at all times.

16 oz gloves are worn at grading examiner’s discretion in regional gradings (typically not children).

(16 oz gloves, headguards and body armour are worn in Sanda competitions – TIP: Novices practice wearing the kit in class!)

If you  elect to do your free spar element WITHIN the Sanda comp, (take downs are allowed) you will be awarded 1 bonus point towards your grading result;  As per standard grading, you’re examined on your performance (NOT win / lose result).

IF you volunteer for another round of sparring in Sanda comp,  your best mark counts towards grading result.

Sanda competitors scored according to Sanda rules.  (All people entering Sanda must be aware of rules in advance)
I.E.  A person doing grading and Sanda comp = grading examiner mark  AND Sanda judges score (independently)
– Doing Sanda only = Sanda judges only score.

Sanda Rules Synopsis:

(i)  All standard strikes are allowed excluding elbows and knees.

(ii) Sweeps and take downs are allowed.

(iii) No wrestling or ground work or striking whilst opponent is down is allowed.

(SSK Sanda novices – Ref’s are very pro-active and safety conscious, creating optimum environment for gaining experience)

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