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San Shou Kuan have stopped running their own training and coaching courses as we refer our members and instructors to the BCCMA courses which are certified by the National Governing body.   ( Courses on: Coaching,  Sanda Referee / Judging,  Nutrition, Fitness Assessments,  Biomechanics /optimal Injury rehab  and Sports Psychology )   see

Destruction Workshops


“Destruction is about breaking weaknesses not boards.”
This is not a ‘Pre-Req’ requirement for your Black Belt grading –  your hands, your choice!

All destruction requirements  are predefined requirements,  for the rounded well prepared martial artist, an opportunity to pick up easy points; for others, the most raw pressure test – do you ‘back yourself’ (and your training) to chop a brick in half?!
L/R: workshop refining techniques on pads; sidekick blocks, punching tiles (Jane workshop graduate: Successfully punched, chopped and kicked everything first time at her 1st and 2nd degree Black Belt gradings. )

Prior to our Destruction workshops the candidate’s who broke everything were infrequent,  since we have being running these workshops candidates not breaking everything are now uncommon!
The tests are exactly the same, success rates have massively improved, injuries are rare.
The workshop teaches you practical and mental techniques on conditioning, various approaches to destruction enabling you to identify and start refining a technique you can feel confident about.

WORKSHOPS REGISTRATION FORM – closed.  (All well prepared students have now attended course – use contact form to register your interest in the next course.

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