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San Shou Kuan translates as Chinese Kickboxing School and classes are taught all over the country. San Shou Kuan is not a new style but an amalgam of the very best of traditional Northern Long Fist (Ch’arng Ch’uen),  Shaolin Kungfu  combined with the best aspects of Western Kickboxing.

Combative Striking Art

San Shou Kuan is predominantly a combative striking art that teaches the student explosive kicking, powerful punching techniques (Punch, chop, elbow, knee and kicks) and takedowns used in Sanda.

San Shou Kuan History

San Shou Kuan derives from Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. It takes as its inspiration the forms and practices espoused by great Shaolin Chinese Masters from the beginnings of the 20th Century in particular Wang Tzu P’ing whose teaching went into the foundation of the Central Martial Arts Academy (Nanjing) in 1928.

It is from this academy that many Chinese Martial Arts can trace their origins. The founders of San Shou Kuan have one such lineage through Wu Shu Kwan and to which they owe great respect as both were Senior Masters and instructors of Wu Shu Kwan for several decades.


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