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With any contact sport there is the possibility of injury, most professional sports require all their coaches to pass coaching courses and basic First Aid courses in case of such an eventuality.

Sadly Martial Arts by it’s very diverse nature is a mostly unregulated sport, which does have governing bodies such as the The British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) but most of these bodies don’t make First Aid qualifications a requirement. 

This is not due to an amateur attitude towards First Aid – EVERYONE in every walk of life could  benefit from basic First Aid skills, just simply lack of funding to facilitate these courses.

In San Shou Kuan most of our instructors have First Aid Certificates – we aim to make it ALL by the end of the year (Currently many instructors teach in a venue that is legally bound to have a staff member First Aider on site during operational hours)

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At  cost price,  we will organise recognised First Aid Certificate courses for all Martial Artists (yes – any style, any school, no obligations, no politics) which comply to all course requirements for certification.)

The reason why we try to organise these First Aid courses for Martial Artists is relevance. For Example recognising symptoms for exposure, frostbite and how to treat them for a Hill walker or Mountaineer can be very relevant even life saving –less likely for a Martial Artist training in gym or dojo – whilst even a simple nose bleed can generate multiple ‘theories’ for it’s proper treatment in some smaller classes!
The more people we can get on these causes the better it is for all concerned and the lower we can keep the costs.

Next dates in S.E. England listed on  events page
Please use the course contact form, to register your interest ( Note: this is not an exclusive SSK course, it is open to responsible adults )
If dates listed are already full,   register your interest and number of attendees, we will contact you when the next course is available.
(please state: your local area in UK and age if under 18. This course is open to all martial artists and athletes )

Course update info:

The half day courses have been discontinued, replaced by First Aid for Sport Exercise and Fitness  1 day course
This Sports coach course is  variant of the First Aid at Work course with content more relevant to Sports Professionals and participants (eg Recognition of concussion, current regulations, Vital Signs, Airways management + incl. dealing with gum shields, choking, CPR, soft tissue injuries – when to use/not use ice, sports specific scenarios, what to put in your first aid kit etc)
all SSK instructors will be required to hold a First Aid Qualification – all students are welcome to attend (any spare places are open to wider public)

Price: We are trying to bring these courses in at £49 each based on 12 attendees – subject to venue costs (if you have a free venue please contact us!)

– You are under no Obligation and we will NOT pass on your details to any third parties or organisations.

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